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Projects by Kudzoy

We work on projects varying from FinTech to logistics to IoT to AI/ML.

Kudzoy is developing web-based and mobile apps for demanding clients, including large banking institutions and government agencies.

We are experienced in UX and design for consumer and enterprise apps alike. Our talented developers have extensive experience in building solutions that incorporate data analytics capabilities.


Public sector and consulting

Kudzoy has experience in delivering advanced solutions for public agencies. We have completed a large supply monitoring project for a leading state agency.

We provide full regulatory compliance for both government bodies and firms that must meet the strictest applicable regulations.


IoT and connected devices

We have completed projects for reporting in real time from connected vehicles. Our solution provides stats and service monitoring in connected cars.

We start our IoT projects after completing a technical feasibility analysis and. We do hardware integration and mobile data synchronization.


Kudzoy performs field testing and analysis within the framework of IoT projects.


Image Annotation

Human image annotation and object recognition supporting your AI engine, real time.

We build teams to support your AI engine, detecting objects and shapes as well as semantic segmentation.


We design the shifts and processes to meet your volume and to absorb seasonal peaks, all in real-time.


Increase your speed and scalability of your image annotation. Complement your AI algorithms with analytical human decisions, 24/7.


Publishing and content management

We provide proprietary integrated workflows (NewsBox, BookBox & MagBox) for different content formats.​

We can customize open an source Content Management System or Document Management System to your requirements. Our solutions feature tailored functionality and design.


Kudzoy can customize Augmented Reality experience for your specific user base in a controlled environment.

We have a B2B application, which white labels the app for corporations, media houses, publishers, or libraries. 


and fitness

Kudzoy has experience in creating varied health and fitness applications.

We have solutions enabling users to a book visit to a physician, share health reports and consult with a doctor online.


We have developed and implemented apps allowing users to book a health test online and track test results directly within the app. 

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