Our versatile services.

What we do at Kudzoy

We have a customer-driven approach where we analyze your requirements in detail and then apply a platform or approach that best fits your needs.

Kudzoy develops tailored solutions in the field of AR/VR, AI and ML, and digital preservation. We build custom enterprise and consumer apps and APIs.

We also offer services in the field of:

Consulting on Content Migration - digitized objects from one repository to another.

Content Synchronization - between two or more content repositories.

Content search across all digital repositories.

Create single point of access to all documents and content of the organization.


We believe that every business and every organization should be able to take advantage of affordable IT and software development services. Kudzoy's services are not cheap, they are reasonably priced.

You need not invest in hiring costly developers and purchase expensive equipment and software. Our pool of talents and extensive experience will help you reduce the cost of developing and implementing solutions in fields where our competitors charge dearly - AR and VR, machine learning, artificial intelligence and digital preservation.


We are very flexible at Kudzoy. We never stop learning new platforms and always strive to adopt technologies enabling us to meet all your requirements.

We have extensive experience with different hardware and software platforms and will never advice you to choose one over another that better fits your needs. As we have varied talents on board, we would never select a technology or approach a competitor would select because of its broader availability.


Kudzoy has developed numerous custom solutions for clients across the world. We have proprietary ready-to-use software at our disposal but we always tailor our apps to your particular needs.

No software aimed at the average customer can meet your specific requirements or make your service distinguishing. We develop a custom solution for your - from graphic design, to custom features, to interoperability.


With offices in Brussels and Singapore, we can work on your custom software app 24 hours a day. 

Our proven track record and versatile software development expertise allow us to build reliable solutions for the finance and the insurance industry as well as applications ranging from health consulting to connected devices to workflow and fleet management.

We provide services to large banking institutions and government agencies alike.


Blockchain offers a great method for sharing information in a way you can control and audit.

Blockchain as a Service is an innovative service where you take advantage of our hardware and software infrastructure to build secure and reliable solutions.

Blockchain is the future of technology, payments and contracts. We deliver the future to you now.